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An Award Winning Team of digital professionals specialized in Content Monetisation and Conversion Rate Optimisation for Publishers and Advertisers

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Recent Work

Things we are great at

For Content Publishers – Blogs, Magazines, Newspapers and other online publications

DoubleClick for Publishers (DFP)

DFP is built for publishers that require granular controls to avoid undermining their direct sales efforts. DFP provides Dynamic Allocation services which allow greater control over both directly sold ads and AdSense/AdX ads.

DoubleClick Ad Exchange (AdX)

Ad Exchange provides a rich set of tools for determining prices for individual ad units, such as Min CPM pricing, and real-time access to over 2000 additional DSPs and exchanges (buyers) in addition to the Google AdWords auction.

Google AdSense

Adottimo provides full onboarding, optimization & policy advice services for Google AdSense, supporting AdSense For Content (AFC), AdSense For Search (AFS), and Custom Search Ads (CSA).

Data & Analytics

Adottimo is able to provide rare insights and expertise in analysing the performance of their online properties, allowing you to maximize your earnings from each Ad Unit, such as, Formulating and testing hypothesis, Performing A/B tests and experiments.

Optimized for Best User Experience

Our approach to publisher optimization emphasizes Good User Experience, rather than Maximum Ads, designed for each platform – desktop, tablet and mobile.

Additional Revenues

Adding further revenue stream to your content based website is a tricky game. We analyse the web property and suggest further revenue streams that are in line with the type of content, the frequency of publishing, the audience and the website overall user experience

Things we are great at

For E-commerce and all other types of websites

Web Design + Development

Design is not only about beauty but mostly about user experience (UX). If you are looking for a beautiful website that won’t work for your business don’t contact us.

Marketing Automation - Integrations

Do you need a Livechat integration or a series of automated emails triggering from a user action on your website to scale up your lead generations or sales? Unlock the power of Marketing Automation with the latest tools.

Ongoing maintenance + Support

Monthly maintenance and trouble shooting of your website. We are there when you need us, and we are there before you even need us.

Content Marketing

Content is king. Maybe the content you already have is not giving you enough results. Get in touch for a free valuation.

Social Media Paid Campaigns

Do you need influencers or Facebook and Instagram lead generation campaigns ? We can help with a very targeted campaign. No spray and pray with your marketing budget.

E-Commerce Conversion Rate Optimisation

Want more conversions or more targeted traffic? Ask us about PPC campaigns and Conversion Rate Optimisation.

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