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Version 3.X.X+ of this library provides full support for all SendGrid Web API v3 endpoints, including the new v3 /mail/send. Domain Authentication is also required to upgrade from a free account. For the best experience, please complete Domain Authentication. NEW: Subscribe to email notifications for releases and breaking changes. Assign the key to a variable named sg using the helper library's SendGridAPIClient() method. They make it easy to install and manage extensions of Python, as well as many other things (if any “real” programmer asks you in a condescending tone “Why aren’t you using PIP?” tell them it’s because you have a day job). Afterwards you should see this screen: Ok–so now what? You can assign each of these values to variables, and the SendGrid library will handle creating a personalizations object for you. First, import the library's Mail, Email, To, and Content classes.

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You’ve just run your first Python command. django-sendgrid-parse 0.4.3 pip install django-sendgrid-parse Copy PIP instructions. Double-click on the icon once you find it: This is Terminal. This means we also need to import Python's os library. It is possible to have multiple versions of Python on your computer. Copyright © 2020 Tidelift, Inc Marketing Email vs. Transactional Email: What’s the Difference? You can also check out the SendGrid docs for a ton of other cool features and uses. If you're not sure which to choose, learn more about installing packages. First install the virtualenv package then run the following command: After either of those steps, activate the virtual environment: Install the SendGrid Python helper library in the virtualenv: Now create a file called in this directory and add the following code to it: Before running this code, make sure you have the SENDGRID_API_KEY environment variable set, and remember to replace the to_emails value with your own email address to verify that your code worked correctly. And don’t hesitate to reach out to me on Twitter if you have questions. You can skip ahead if you've already completed these tasks. The look on their face should be priceless. These values are passed to the API in a "personalizations" object when using the v3 Mail Send API. To complete this tutorial, your API key will need full access "Mail Send" permissions only. sendgrid-python is maintained and funded by Twilio SendGrid, Inc. Remember, the API key is stored in an environment variable, so you can use the os.environ.get() method to access it. You might experience bizarre errors that even the most seasoned software engineer will find puzzling. Check the inbox of the “to_email” address, and you should see your demo message. Note that the Content() helper takes two arguments: the content type and the content itself. You may find out that your I.T. Once your API key is assigned to an environment variable—this quickstart uses SENDGRID_API_KEY—you can proceed to the next step. You can choose the free tier for the purpose of this tutorial. To properly construct the message, pass each of the previous variables into the SendGrid library's Mail constructor. Welcome), click Save.. Click Add Version, the select either Design Editor or Code Editor.

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